ARTD 335 - Digital Illustration

Instructor: Paul Kopco
Office: Jonas 108C
Phone: 642-6503




Grading Policies:

The following will determine the final grade:

Midterm exam - 20%
Final exam - 30%
Midterm project - 20%
Final project - 30% (25% artwork - 5% essay)

As you can see, the midterm exam and project together are worth 40% of your final grade; the final exam and project together are worth 60%. This is based on the idea that you should know more at the end of the course than in the middle.

The midterm and final exams will be based on the lesson review questions which are accessible from the "lesson reviews" tab at the top of this page. The lessons to be covered for the midterm and final exams are designated on the lesson reviews page. The exams are accessed from the "Quizzes" link in the green navigation bar. The exams are graded starting at 100%, the normal maximum if you answer all the questions correctly.

Grading Scale: 10-point scale.
A=100-90, B=89-80, C=79-70, D=69-60, F=59-0

The projects will be graded on:

You will complete a project in each chapter of the book. It is not necessary to email these to me. In addition to the chapter projects, which will not be graded, two major projects will be completed during the course for grading purposes. If you strictly follow the instructions and meet the requirements for the projects as stated below, as well as demonstrate acquired graphic design principles, you will receive a grade of A, but the lowest A (90%). The grade will decrease from there for every instruction not followed or requirement not met.

Course Schedule:

This course follows a regular semester schedule with regard to midterms and finals.

If you have any questions regarding this course, email me at the address at the top of the page.

Reasonable accommodations, as arranged through the Disabilities Services Coordinator, will be provided students with documented disabilities. Contact the BHSU Disabilities Services Coordinator, Mike McNeil, at 605-642-6099, (Jacket Legacy Room in the Student Union) or via email at for more information. Additional information can also be found at

Under Board of Regents and University policy student academic performance may be evaluated solely on an academic basis, not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards. Students should be free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment about matters of opinion, but they are responsible for learning the content of any course of study for which they are enrolled. Students who believe that an academic evaluation reflects prejudiced or capricious consideration of student opinions or conduct unrelated to academic standards should contact the chair of the department in which the course is being taught to initiate a review of the evaluation.

In this course you are expected to perform to the utmost of your abilities in an honest and sincere manner. Cheating & plagiarism will not be tolerated. Academic misconduct will be dealt with per SD Board of Regents regulations.

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